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Wider Prostate Cancer Awareness Needed

The general feeling today is that more prostate cancer awareness is needed to bring about improved consciousness and reduce ignorance surrounding the disease.

Tests, treatment and cure.

The more information that is available on who it affects and how it can be treated the better in the fight against it.

Successful treatment, cure or eradication of prostate cancer is entirely dependent on its being detected early. Men of 45 years and over need to come up for routine screening tests.

This is a cancer common among older men and is one whose growth and spread is generally slow. Sometimes no signs of its presence can be found in the early stages. That is why the solution lies in regular tests.

The tests help the doctor find the presence of any cancer tumours in the prostate. If he finds cells that are benign, he can rule out the presence of cancer. If found malignant then the cells are cancerous. This is important knowledge in prostate cancer awareness.

Tests and early treatment.

If the tumour in the gland is malignant (cancerous) more testing over time will be continued. This is watchful waiting to ensure the cancer does not spread beyond the prostate gland while delaying treatment until absolutely needed.

To assist in this containment of the tumour the patient could be put on hormone therapy. This reduces the production of the male hormone testosterone which tends to stimulate growth of the cancer.

And when it is felt that the need to totally check the spread from moving beyond the gland, surgery ( radical prostatectomy ) to remove the prostate will be carried out. This in most cases is the cure for prostate cancer and incidents of recurrence are very low.

Today prostate cancer awareness is being raised to encourage men to get screened early. It is the first step to succeeding in the fight against the disease.

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