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The Early Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer You Should Be Aware Of

Ovarian cancer is fourth among the leading causes of death due to cancer for American women, affecting 1 out of every 57 women. Ovarian cancer can be treated if it is diagnosed early but only 24% of all cases of ovarian cancer are detected early enough. Survival rate decreases over time. It is therefore very important for women to learn the early symptoms of ovarian cancer.
To help people recognize the signs of ovarian cancer, the American Cancer Society in 2007, published some guidelines. Early symptoms of ovarian cancer can be bloating, gas, a "full" feeling, tiredness, irregular periods, abdominal or pelvic pain, and intense or frequent urination. Having a hard time eating or feeling full too early after beginning to eat are also signs of the presence of ovarian cancer.
Ovarian cancer cannot be easily detected since no reliable medical screening currently exist for early detection of symptoms of ovarian cancer. Women at risk of having an ovarian cancer should monitor themselves for the early symptoms of ovarian cancer so that it could be diagnosed immediately. Although early symptoms of ovarian cancer, which can include menstrual irregularities or pelvic pain, do not definitely point to cancer, women should learn to recognize these symptoms early.
If you experience sudden or unusual symptoms, visit your doctor immediately. Follow-up with trans-vaginal ultrasound, bi-manual pelvic exam and a Ca125 blood test may be required to rule out early symptoms of ovarian cancer. At high risk to develop ovarian cancer are women who have been found to have BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation, did not use birth control pills, have never been pregnant, and who were found to be afflicted with breast cancer before they reach the age of 50.
Some women have higher risks of contracting ovarian cancer. Among the classes of women at elevated risk are Ashkenazi Jews, women with at least two relatives diagnosed with ovarian cancer, those exposed to fertility drugs, and those over 50 years of age. For these women, it is even more important to be monitored regularly for early symptoms of ovarian cancer.
Regular gynecology checkups are vital for every woman. Some symptoms are common to many conditions and illnesses. If the symptoms persist for longer than two to three weeks, a medical advice is highly recommended. For instance, many of the same early symptoms for ovarian cancer are similar to those experienced with ovarian cysts or irritable bowel syndrome. To be sure, visit your doctor for a thorough checkup and follow up.
It is vital for any woman to be aware of any possible early symptoms they may have of ovarian cancer. The earlier the disease is found, the better your chances are for recovery. Due to more then 6% of cancer cases being fatal, both woman and their doctors need to be on the lookout for any early symptoms for ovarian cancer.

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Things You Need To Know About Lung Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which certain body cells don't event right, share very swift and produce too much tissue that forms a growth. An important instigate of scourge deaths in both men and women is perhaps lung menace. This is the number one source of disease deaths surpassing breast swelling as the leading source of deaths in women. Cancers that begin in the lungs are alienated into two chief types, the non-small booth lung menace and small booth lung blight depending on how the cells look under a microscope.

Cigarette smoking is known to be a basis of lung menace. The expose of developing the disease increases with the number of cigarettes smoked particularly if the persona starts to smoke at a little age. The persona's peril of developing lung sarcoma may be summary somewhat if you smoke filtered and low tar cigarettes, but it is still far better than that of a non-smoker. Lung disease has forever been more common in men, particularly those over the age of 40, as more men worn to smoke than women. Considerably, there are an upward number of women having lung pest since women have happening smoking. About 90% of all lung evil deaths among women are from smoking. The peril of lung disease goes down very cursorily if the, someone stops smoking and after about fifteen years, the part's odds of developing the disease are alike to that of a non-smoker. Passive smoking or the breathing in other people's cigarette smoke, vaguely increases the jeopardy for lung disease and lung blight, though the gamble is still much excluding that if you smoke manually.

Usually, the symptoms of lung scourge do not begin pending the disease is in a later step. Some are diagnosed early because they are found as a product of tests for other strength conditions. Screening examinations are done to notice a disease in people lacking symptoms of the disease. And since lung tumor usually spreads beyond the lungs before causing any symptoms, an useful broadcast train to detect the growth early could keep many lives. So far there is not selection examine that has been exposed to thwart the ill being from dying of the menace. It has been determined that the tests could not find many lung cancers early enough to rally a person's chances for a therapy. Because this, lung sarcoma test is not a normal attempt for the general open or even for people at augmented risk like smokers.

Symptoms of lung evil could be continuing cough or change in a long-permanent cough; a chest infection that does not get better; increasing breathlessness; coughing up blood-stained phlegm; a dull ache or a brusque bind when coughing or pleasing an extreme breath; and hammering of keenness and demise of stress. If you think you are having any of these above declared symptoms, then it is important to have your state tartan by your surgeon even if you know that any of these symptoms may be caused by illness other than disease.

Treatment for lung pest could be through surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy which may be used separately or together depending on what your physician requires you to undergo with. Basically, the surgeon will design your medicine, pleasing into account your general health form, the manner of lung cancer you have and the range of the tumor as well as its juncture. There are differences in the conduct for different people depending on their wishes. You should not be troubled to ask your physician and it often helps making a lot of queries about the disease and your prepare from your doctor.

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How Nutrient Rich Foods Can Greatly Increase Your Immune System

In America we are nutrition deficient and we are lacking serious nutrition.

That may come as a shock to many people, but the facts dont lie. With the fast food restaurants as big as they are as well as processed foods being cheaper and more convenient the consumption of nutrition inferior foods has skyrocketed. And along with that have come many nutrition related health complications.

Are You Tired All The Time?

A typical American consumes about 50% of their carbohydrates as simple sugars which are added to foods as opposed to sugars that come naturally in fruits and vegetables. The diet in the tropics tended to be based more heavily on plant foods vs animal products and generally speaking people in
the tropics are healthier and have more nutrition than those in a more northerly climate.

Here Are 4 Practical Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Tip #1

Keep your intake of saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol as low as possible as part of a well balanced nutrition based diet. Eat and drink enough of the foods that contain key nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat and water).

Popular processed foods are just full of unhealthy or non nutrition ingredients. Whenever possible, eat whole, fresh, raw and (organic if possible) raw unprocessed foods, not the foods in the frozen boxed section of the supermarket. This is definitely an alternative health therapy compared to most peoples eating habits.

Tip #2

Get regular physical activity. This helps tremendously with relieving stress so that you body can absorb the nutrients properly.

Tip #3

Key Food Groups Are Essential Make Sure You Get Them.

The key is to eat a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits and whole grain products lean meats, poultry, fish, beans and low fat dairy
products and drink lots of purified water. Go easy on the salt, sugar, alcohol, saturated fat and trans fat.

Tip #4

To See A Noticeable Difference In Your Life Try These

Top 12 Nutrient Rich Foods

Vegetables (preferably the majority dark leafy)
Whole grains
Legumes (beans, lentils etc)
Red Wine
Green Tea
Yogurt (plain - you can put your own fruit in to sweeten it)
Olive Oil (cold pressed virgin)

Spanish researchers report that a daily serving of green leafy vegetables, rich in flavonoids and vitamins A and C, may cut your risk of lung cancer in half. But dont think you can just pop a pill and get the same protective benefit.

This May Shock You

In a second study University of Washington scientists found that people taking vitamin supplements were just as likely to develop lung cancer as those not taking vitamins. The key here is the protective effect of the vegetables nutrients with their antioxidant contents, thats really what is critical.

Supplements are fine (I take them too), however, fresh vegetables will do more for your health than any pill you can take.

In summary, eating a wide variety of fresh, whole (unprocessed), foods will do a whole lot more for your health and nutrition compared to monotonous diets based on processed foods.

In America we are nutrition deficient and we are lacking serious nutrition.

That may come as a shock to many people, but the facts dont lie. With the fast food restaurants as big as they are as well as processed foods being cheaper and more convenient the consumption of nutrition lower foods has skyrocketed. And along with that have come many alimentation related health complications.

Are You Tired All The Time?

A typical American consumes about 50% of their carbohydrates as simple sugars which are added to foods as opposed to sugars that come of course in fruits and vegetables. The diet in the tropics tended to be based more heavily on plant foods vs animal products and generally speaking people in
the tropics are healthier and have more nutrition than those in a more northerly climate.

Here Are 4 Practical Tips To Boost Your resistant System

Tip #1

Keep your intake of saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol as low as possible as part of a well balanced nutrition based diet. Eat and drink enough of the foods that contain key nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat and water).

Popular processed foods are just full of unhealthy or non nutrition ingredients. Whenever possible, eat whole, fresh, raw and (organic if possible) raw unprocessed foods, not the foods in the wintry boxed section of the supermarket. This is decidedly an alternative health therapy compared to most peoples feeding habits.

Tip #2

Get regular physical activity. This helps tremendously with relieving accentuate so that you body can suck up the nutrients properly.

Tip #3

Key Food Groups Are requisite Make Sure You Get Them.

The key is to eat a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits and whole grain products lean meats, poultry, fish, beans and low fat dairy
products and drink lots of purified water. Go easy on the salt, sugar, alcohol, saturated fat and trans fat.

Tip #4

To See A Noticeable Difference In Your Life Try These

Top 12 Nutrient Rich Foods

Vegetables (preferably the majority dark leafy)
Whole grains
Legumes (beans, lentils etc)
Red Wine
Green Tea
Yogurt (plain - you can put your own fruit in to dulcorate it)
Olive Oil (cold pressed virgin)

Spanish researchers write up that a daily serving of green leafy vegetables, rich in flavonoids and vitamins A and C, may cut your risk of lung cancer in half. But dont think you can just pop a pill and get the same caring benefit.

This May Shock You

In a second study University of Capitol scientists found that people taking vitamin supplements were just as likely to modernize lung cancer as those not taking vitamins. The key here is the protective effect of the vegetables nutrients with their antioxidant contents, thats real what is critical.

Supplements are fine (I take them too), however, fresh vegetables will do more for your health than any pill you can take.

In summary, eating a wide variety of fresh, whole (unprocessed), foods will do a whole lot more for your health and nutrition compared to monotonous diets based on processed foods.

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Moderate Drinking Can Still Lead To Breast Cancer

While most people avoid alcohol due to its intoxicating effects, which usually causes a lot of accidents and untoward incidents, and the high risk of a number of diseases, including liver cirrhosis, infection of the pancreas, among others, its positive effects and health benefits are also gaining popularity especially when it is taken in moderation.

Moderate drinking means one to two glasses of wine daily. From improving heart health to lowering cholesterol, moderate consumption of red wine can help you stay healthy. The antioxidants in red wines have been shown to provide certain protection against heart disease as they act like warriors, preventing the oxidation process whereby reactive particles known as “free radicals” cause damage to healthy cells. Alcohol has been shown to help your heart in several ways: by raising your HDL (high-density lipoproteins) or "good" cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and preventing the formation of blood clots.

However, there's a new twist of fate to alcohol drinkers, especially among party girls, as recent studies show some link between alcohol and breast cancer in women. Having one to two drinks a day, once considered as moderate drinking, is now being linked to the higher risks of breast cancer in women. The said increase in risk of breast cancer among women who regularly consume alcohol has risen by 10 percent. Make that three or more drinks a day, and the risk triples to 30 percent.

According to Dr. Yan Li, lead researcher at Kaiser Permanente, they were able to compile and analyze data on the drinking habits of 70,033 women of various races and backgrounds. Their study was focused on determining whether the type of alcohol or just the amount a woman drinks impacts her breast cancer risk. “It makes no difference if a woman drinks wine, beer or liquor. It's the alcohol itself and the quantity consumed that is critical,” Dr. Li said. In fact, drinking three or more drinks a day may translate into an extra 5 percent of all women developing breast cancer as a result of heavy drinking.

In 2000, a Danish study had found that red wine drinkers had half the risk of dying from heart disease as non-alcohol drinkers. However, some researchers are not convinced and recommends further studies regarding health benefits of red wine. The American Heart Association requires for more research until they do consider drinking wine or any other alcohol for its benefits.

Though the cause of increased risk for breast cancer by heavy use of alcohol remains a mystery, Dr. Li and her colleagues believe that further study may support the evidence that alcohol could alter the pathway of female hormones and produce more hormone sensitive breast cancer.
According to Heather Spencer Feigelson, spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society, “the risk of drinking one glass of red wine a day is very low. It's an individual choice.” With further studies still needed to prove whether the heart-health benefits outweigh the newly shown risk of breast cancer, the decision is up to the women if they still want their glass of red wine as long as they analyze their own risk of heart disease and breast cancer. “Each woman has to analyze her own risk factors to determine what alcohol will do to them,” said Dr. Li

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Acai Berry - Does it Cure Cancer?

Hidden in the mysterious depths of the Amazon are said to be found natural cures to several of the modern man's ailments and because of the incredible size of the Amazonian rain forest most of these natural cures remain hidden, waiting for someone to come across and discover their wonderful properties. Today we're going to talk about one of those natural miracle cures that we have been lucky enough to find, that cure is called Acai.

Acai grows at the top of many palm trees in the Amazon basin and it has been used for many purposes such as promoting cardiovascular health, improving energy but most importantly it has recently been discovered that this particular fruit is able to do a lot more than that. Let's take a look at some of the compounds and natural ingredients that are found in this fruit.


-- High fiber with a low glycemic index.
-- 10 to 30 times more anthocyanins than the concentration found in red wine. This high concentration of anthocyanins delivers equivalent levels of energy in a healthy manner which doesn't rely on caffeine and a concentration of sugar to produce this effect. Most energy drinks in the market not only contain caffeine and sugar but several other chemicals that may cause an unbalance which is felt as a jittery burst and then a sudden crash.
-- More than 16 types of antioxidants and phytonutrients
-- A fatty acid compound similar to that of olive oil, this particular compound is beneficial to the skin.
-- Several traces of macro-minerals and compounds which help regulate the levels of cholesterol

The Acai berry contains both omega-6 and omega-9 chemical compounds which control and regulate levels of cholesterol, controlling cholesterol levels can help prevent cardiovascular complications such as stroke and heart attacks.

Fatty acid as well as omega-3 can have a positive impact when it comes to people who are concerned about their age and their skin appearance, these chemical compounds and ingredients that are naturally found in this fruit and help slow down the skin aging process.

Testing Acai - Findings

A recent study conducted by the University of Florida revealed what is believed to be the most important benefit of the antioxidant mixture found in this particular fruit; an extract of the Acai berry triggered what is believed to be a self-destructive sequence amongst 86% of the leukemia cells tested, these are very encouraging results.

Media Coverage

Not only has Acai shown to have properties capable of treating cellular diseases but it also has been successfully used in order to create better dietary supplements and help people lose weight. Because of the many health-related benefits that this fruit provides it has been featured as one of the super foods on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Many other health related TV programs have covered the breakthrough that Acai represents for people who want to loose weight in a more natural and controlled way as well as for those who are interested in the medical benefits that the antioxidants found in this Brazilian fruit can provide.

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Breastfeed and Reduce Breast Cancer Risk - for You and Your Baby

Are you concerned about breast cancer? If you're breastfeeding, then you can be assured that you're cutting your risk for developing one of the most common forms of cancer among women. And you're protecting your baby as well.

The World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research (WCRF/AICR) found convincing evidence that breastfeeding protects mothers from developing breast cancer, both before and after menopause. Breastfeeding also protects the breastfed child from developing cancers that are linked with being overweight and obesity. These include post-menopausal breast cancer and cancers of the esophagus, pancreas, colorectum, and kidney.

One reason breastfeeding reduces the mother's risk for developing breast cancer because it causes her to stop menstruating for many months. Some women do not resume menstruating until after they stop breastfeeding altogether. This period of amenorrhea, or absence of menstruation, is a signal that the woman's hormones have shifted to a state that reduces her chances of developing breast cancer. And the longer a woman breastfeeds, the greater her protection against breast cancer.

Apparently, the natural hormonal changes that women experience during menstruation increase breast cancer risk. This explains why women who have never been pregnant (another period of amenorrhea) have increased risk for breast cancer.

Another way that breastfeeding may protect mothers from breast cancer is by getting rid of breast cells during lactation. These include cells that could develop or already have damaged DNA.

Don't worry, the damaged cells aren't harming your baby through your breastmilk. In fact, breastfed babies have reduced risk for developing breast cancer and other forms of cancer. And again, the longer the baby is breastfed, the greater the protection.

Breastfeeding is only one of the ways that you can protect your baby and yourself against cancer. WCRF/AICR gives the following 10 recommendations to avoid cancer:

1. Be as lean as possible within the normal range of body weight.
2. Be physically active as part of everyday life.
3. Limit consumption of energy-dense foods. Avoid sugary drinks.
4. Eat mostly foods of plant origin.
5. Limit intake of red meat and avoid processed meat.
6. Limit alcoholic drinks.
7. Limit consumption of salt. Avoid moldy cereals (grains) or pulses (legumes).
8. Aim to meet nutritional needs through diet alone.
9. Mothers to breastfeed; children to be breastfed.
10. Cancer survivors: Follow the recommendations for cancer.

Remember: The World Health Organization and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) recommend exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months. Afterwards, breastfeeding should continue, along with complementary foods, for two years or longer.

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A Cancer Survivor Story: Working With Doctors

If you decide to do an alternative program either concurrently with your conventional program or solely by itself, I would take a few steps before discussing it with your oncologist.

In the last five years oncologists are becoming more open to this multi-dimensional approach. Both my chemo and radiation oncologists were very open and knew I was doing an alternative program concurrently with the treatment. And these programs were absolutely valuable. It's the general feeling by my team of doctors that it really saved me from any bone loss in the jaw and improved my salvia flow.

The alternative program can both protect you and enhance the conventional treatment. I would not immediately discuss this with your oncologist without getting a sense of his feelings about this. Hint around it. You will get a sense of their openness. Remember, oncologists are experts in their area; they are not fluent or knowledgeable about alternative supplements. It's difficult for them to keep update with new chemo agents. But make sure your alternative doctor or has extensive experience working with conventional protocols.

A good sign is if they work closely with oncologists. This was the case with my herbalist, Donnie Yance. In fact, Donnie lectures to conventional docs. There are a number of cancer centers around the world that incorporate a multi-dimensional approach.

If you solely do an alternative program your oncologist will more than likely attempt to talk you out of it. They will try and get details about what you are doing and who you are doing it with. My standard response: "I'm exploring another option right now." And their reply: "What option?" Your reply: "I prefer not going into it". They will keep pushing you but just keep smiling and saying, "I prefer not going into it." They will give up at some point.

I can vividly remember going to see a new oncologist and his nurse asking the standard questions: "When were you diagnosed? November 97? That was a year and half ago, what have you been doing since then?" "An alternative program." "What kind of alternative program?" I reply with my standard answer said firmly, "I prefer not to go into that." Remember no matter what they say, don't go into it! For example: They need it for their records, they want to see if it will interfere with their regimens.

If you have found a world-class alternative doctor, they will know if you are doing anything that will interfere with conventional therapy. You don't want to open yourself to a long lecture on why you are making a mistake, so on and so on. What you can say to them, is this: "What supplements are contra-indicated with this chemo or radiation?"

What you ideally want to do is find an oncologist who can monitor you. To put together a team who are all on the same page. How do you make this happen? First, believe that doc is out there. I assure you they are. I found them but it took some time and determination. And if one does not appear right away, enroll your present oncologist into supporting you. This can be a great lesson in of itself.

It starts with not judging them and knowing they are doing the best they can and their perspective comes out of a long educational process that had no opening for other ways of healing. If you have no judgment of them, it will help them have no judgment of you. Remember the rule: what you feel inside will be reflected back to you.

Be patient with this process and keep centered. If you can bring a friend along on your doctor visits this can be very supportive to not getting reactive or giving anyone an opening to try and talk you out of your decisions. And this will happen,so be prepared.

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Ways To Detect Colon Cancer Early

Colon cancer is a medical condition that is rather deathly and is viewed as one of the worst cancers to recognise when in the early levels. When this cancer circulates it will encompass the entire colon and rectum and it may spread to other essential organs contained in the body.

There are distinct types of measures that can be taken to treat colon cancer - but the risks of survival are reduced when the individual is in the late stage of it. For better chances of survival it is essential to discover how to distinguish the early symptoms of colon cancer. The sooner you can receive the treatment you need the higher your chance is to endure and beat it.

The more average early signs is rectal bleeding. Still, this can commonly be confused with hemorrhoids. This is not the time to be taking any risks or guessing your medical problem. Rather you will need to talk to your physician and allow them to discover for you what the condition is.

Blood inside of your bowel movements is another common misdiagnosed sign. Sometimes the blood may be dried and it can be challenging to find or ignored easily. This bleeding is normally a hint that there is a tumor inside of the colon or the rectum.

There are other more subtle signs that patients never appear to acknowledge because they are not hurtful or fearful in anyway. Narrow stools over a long period of time could be a symptom of a tumor. The narrow shape of the waste in your body is stimulated when it is trying to work its way around the tumor.

If you are feeling constipated and bloated for a long period of time then you need to consult your doctor. Also nausea and vomiting can occur and seems to happen without any apparent reason. You may also experience that you perpetually have to pass a bowel - but can’t seem to. All of this is caused by the tumor in your rectum or colon.

Make sure that you contact your physician and have a thorough exam if you are feeling any of these problems. Early detection can increase your survival rate and assist you to live your life in ease.

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Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Radiotherapy is often used as the primary treatment for low-grade cancer that has not spread outside the prostate gland, or has spread only to nearby tissue. It can also be utilized if the cancer was not completely removed or recurs after surgery. Progression-free survival for men treated with radiation is comparable to men who undergo surgery. If the cancer is more advanced, radiation is often used to shrink the tumor and provide relief from symptoms. This article is dedicated to a discussion of Proton Therapy which represents the most advanced type of radiation available today.

Unlike high-energy X-rays, proton beams deposit almost all of their energy on their target, with a low amount of radiation deposited in tissues from the surface of the skin to the front of the tumor. Also, there is virtually no impact on tissue beyond the tumor. This attribute allows doctors to bombard tumors with higher, more effective doses of radiation than would be possible with gamma radiation.
Although proton therapy is considered the most advanced form of radiation therapy available, size and cost have limited itsuse to only a handful of cancer centers. The promise of Proton Surgery, as it's sometimes called, lies in its ability to destroy cancerous cells while sparing nearby healthy cells. This characteristic greatly reduces potential side effects. It also allows doctors to increase the amount of radiation, theoretically improving cure rates.
One important study of Proton Therapy for Prostate Cancer, published in the June 1, 2004, issue of the International Journal of Radiation and Oncology, looked at 1,255 men who had been treated for localized prostate cancer in the 1990s at the Loma Linda University Medical Center's Proton Treatment Center. The study concluded that treatment with proton radiation yielded disease-free survival rates comparable to those of surgery or conventional radiation, but with a reduction in side effects, such as incontinence and sexual dysfunction.
Proton radiation therapy is currently available at the following locations:
Proton Treatment and Research Center at Loma Linda University Medical Center – located in California east of Los Angeles
Francis H. Burr Proton Center at Mass. General Hospital – in Boston, Mass.
Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute at Indiana University - in Bloomington, Indiana
The University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute – Jacksonville, Florida
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center's Proton Center - Houston, Texas
Proton Centers are under construction at the following locations:
Proton Therapy Center at University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia, Pa. Scheduled to open in 2009
Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute –near Norfolk and Williamsburg, Virginia - Scheduled to open in 2010
Northern Illinois University Proton Therapy Center - 35 miles west of Chicago - Scheduled to open in 2010
ProCure Proton Therapy Center, Oklahoma City, located at the INTEGRIS Cancer Campus - Scheduled to open in 2009
As radiation treatment proceeds, it may cause patients to become tired. Resting is important, however doctors usually advise patients to try to stay as active as they can. Studies have suggested that exercise helps to reduce fatigue and improves quality of life during radiation therapy. While Proton Therapy results in a lower frequency of side effects, all radiation has the potential to cause some of the following problems.
1) Frequent urination, burning while passing urine.
2) During and after treatment you may develop diarrhea, rectal leakage, and an irritated large intestine. Most of these problems go away over time.
3) Difficulty controlling your urine or problems with leaking. Although this side effect is less common than after surgery, the possibility of incontinence increases each year for several years after treatment.
4) Sexual dysfunction

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Pain Relief Medications: Providing Ease for Cancer Patients

Dealing with cancer is one of the biggest challenges that any person could ever face in life. Understandably, dealing with cancer is such a difficult situation and having cancer means having to deal with pain. Cancer pain takes many forms. Some are short-lived or long-lasting, mild or severe, or affect one or few organs, bones or organ systems. while cancer pains have numerous forms, each patient's pain, on the other hand, is unique.
Cancer pain can come from the primary cancer itself. It can come from where the cancer started or from other areas in the body where the cancer has spread. As a tumor grows, it may put pressure on nerves, bones or other organs, causing pain.
Recent research has shown that cancer pain may not just be from the physical effect of the cancer on a region of the body, but also due to chemicals that the cancer may secrete in the region of the tumor. Treatment and medications of the cancer can help the pain in these situations.
Medications are the cornerstone of cancer pain treatment, and their use is aimed at providing the greatest pain relief possible with the fewest number of side effects and the most ease of administration. What medications should be used for each person, and for each kind of cancer pain that should be treated with medications, forms the art of effective pain relief.
Medications used for cancer pain are selected by health care professionals to alleviate the pain experienced by cancer patients. For some kinds of pain related to cancer, non-prescription medications may be sufficient. For other degrees and kinds of pain, prescription medications are used.
Studies show that thousands of cancer patients are also turning to alternative (also called complementary) therapies. Despite decades of research, scientists still haven't found a cure for most forms of cancer, and conventional treatments are usually highly toxic. On a more positive note, alternative approaches like acupuncture, massage, hypnosis, Chinese herbs, and even aromatherapy are being given importace nowadays in terms of their viability as cancer treatments.
However, the following medications are still commonly used to address various levels of severity of cancer pain:

Mild pain: For mild cancer pain, acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) such as ibruprofen are often used.

Mild to Moderate Pain: For mild to moderate cancer pain, when pain relief is not achieved with acetaminophen or NSAID medications, opioid medications are often used, usually as combination tablets with NSAIDs or acetaminophen. Some of the opioid medications used as combination products are hydrocodone, codeine, or oxycodone. Adjuvant medications may also be used for pain that is difficult to manage. Adjuvants are medications that were originally designed to treat conditions other than pain, such as tricyclic antidepressants.

Moderate to Severe Pain: Moderate to severe pain is usually best treated with higher doses of opioid medications often not given as combination products. Adjuvant medications, NSAIDs, and acetaminophen may also be used. The opioid medications used to treat moderate to severe pain include morphine, fentanyl, oxycodone, and hydromorphone.
Controlling pain is an important part of cancer patients care. There are many different medicines and methods available for cancer pain relief. However, no one doctor can know everything about all medical problems. If a cancer patient is in pain or pain relief medications are not working, and the doctor suggests no other options, try to see a pain specialist or have the doctor consult with a pain specialist.

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My Cancer Is Getting Very Bad And I Have A Life to Live...

The world can look depressing and harsh sometimes. Even though many features of life are extraordinary, there are of course a few that give grief and sorrow. I guess we just have to accept the good with the bad. Let's say we'll never know how it is to live in a perfect world. One aspect of life as we know it is disease. There's no getting around the despair caused by cancer. Millions of individuals are affected with cancer and it's in the gene pool unfortunately. Therefore, is there anyway to prevent cancer completely. You can try your best to live healthy and stay fit, but it won't absolutely avoid this disease. One thing you can do is to acquire as much cancer information as possible. The more you know, the better off you are.

My aunt and her husband both died from cancer. They lived on a farm where pesticides continually infected their drinking water. We all know that this is not the first time this happened. I'm sure others were in the same situation. When I think about it it's sad, because the right cancerinformation could have disallowed this tragedy. Knowledge can truly save your life. As far as my aunt and her husband were concerned, they simply found out too late.

What I have trouble understanding is how they didn't know they were in danger. Fields around their farm house were always sprayed with chemicals and they drank water from their well. Not city water. It baffles me to this day. This kind of cancerinformation was available in the 1990s. They just had to look at their position. Something that's nearly impossible not to do these days.

Read all you can and find out about different causes of cancer. That cancer information you read today can really save your life later. Some things I discovered a few years back were to eat organic foods, stay away from processes foods, and steer clear of inks and dyes on paper towels when using them for cooking. There are many little things which can help. The more evident cancer information is to stop smoking, chewing tobacco and heavy drinking. All of which lead to certain forms of cancer. Read more about this persistent illness now. A healthy lifestyle is certainly important in preventing cancer and other diseases.

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Brain Cancer - Can A Person Catch it?

INTRODUCTION: Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in patients younger than age 35. Primary brain cancer starts in the brain while Metastatic brain cancer starts somewhere else in the body and moves to the brain. Primary brain cancer rarely spreads beyond the central nervous system, and death results from uncontrolled tumor growth within the limited space of the skull. Metastatic (spreading) brain cancer indicates advanced disease and has a poor prognosis.

In the United States, the yearly incidence of this disease generally is 15 tO 20 cases per 100,000 people. Primary brain tumors account for 50% of intracranial tumors and secondary brain cancer accounts for the rest. The yearly incidence of primary brain cancer in children is about 3 per 100,000. Secondary brain cancer occurs in 20 to 30 percent of patients with metastatic disease and incidences grow with advancing age. In the United States, about 100,000 cases of secondary brain cancer are diagnosed per annum.

SYMPTOMS: The symptoms of a brain tumor can vary greatly from patient to patient. They usually develop over time and their characteristics depend on the location and size of the tumor. Those produced by a tumor of the meninges (meningioma) depend on which area of the brain is being compressed. They include headaches, as well as problems with vision. Symptoms of increased intracranial pressure may also be seen and Nausea,Vomiting, and Headaches are also common symptoms.

TYPES: As previously stated above there are two types of brain tumors: primary brain tumors that originate in the brain and metastatic (secondary) brain tumors that originate from cancer cells that have migrated from other parts of the body to the brain. Both types take up space in the brain and may cause serious symptoms.

RISKS: Patients with a history of melanoma, lung, breast, colon, or kidney cancer are at risk for secondary brain cancer. Exposure to vinyl chloride is an environmental risk factor for the disease. People who work in these plants or live in close proximity to them have an increased risk for brain cancer. Patients who have received radiation therapy to the head as part of prior treatment for other malignancies are also at an increased risk for new tumors.

Life involves some risk, and no data will ever be perfect. It is impossible to rule out every small risk. Also, small risks that require millions of people to be exposed or years of exposure cannot be studied until after a product has been put on the market and is actually being used by millions of people.

TREATMENT: A histologic examination is neccessary for determining the right treatment and the correct prognosis. Treatment depends age, the stage of the cancer, the type and position of the tumor , and whether the cancer is a primary tumor or brain metastases.

Treatment usually involves a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Surgery is the usual treatment for accessible primary brain tumors, providing the patient is in otherwise good health. The main treatment option for single metastatic tumors is to surgically remove it, followed by radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. The treatment plan is developed by doctors of oncology and the patient. The more knowledge you have, the easier it is in deciding about your cancer treatment.

CONCLUSION: Brain cancer has a wide variation of symptoms including seizures, sleepiness, confusion, and behavioral changes. There are 2 main types of brain cancer. Drastic and often life-threatening complications can develop. Signs of brain and spinal cord tumors usually develop slowly and worsen with time unless they are treated.

Statistics suggest that brain cancer is not rare and will probably develop in about 20,000 people OR more each year. Those with risk factors such as having a job in an oil refinery, as a chemist, embalmer, or rubber-industry worker show higher occurences of the disease. Some families have several members with the disease, but heredity as a cause has not been proven. Other risk factors such as smoking, radiation exposure, and viral infection (HIV) have been suggested but not proven as a cause for brain cancer. There is no scientific evidence that brain cancer is contagious, caused by head trauma, or by the use cell phone (Yet).

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The essential Mechanism You Must To File an Asbestos Mesothelioma Lawsuit Process

The basic Mechanism You Need To File an Asbestos Mesothelioma Lawsuit Process

Asbestos rooftile is basically an Asbstos polluted roofing material. It is complete up of expected mineral deposits the current are fiberous in nature.Fiberous quality of Asbestos was set aside in mind functional in various making materials. For example? Pipe insulation,floortile, and fireproofing. Other roofing crop such as shingles,tars,pitch and roof tiles got moreover prepared with the let of asbestos.

The Treacherous of Asbestos Roof Tile:
Asbestos roof tile are risky for well being because asbestos particles released from the tiles should lead to respiratory health hazards.These vitality hazards occur when respirable fibres are unconfined to the air and later inhaled in your body. Materials the contains Asbestos are divided to two categories? Friable (able to be reduced to a powder by hand pressure) and non-friable . Usage of Non?Friable asbestos containing materials is not that harmful because , they do not discharge dangerous asbetos fiber to the air. This school of provisions does not relase fibers unless you impact them mechanically amongst the help of tools, drills and saws.

Shelter Steps:
Five steps of preservation are beneficial to avoid asbestos fiber free within removal of asbestos roof tile. At the principally step, roofing supplies must be mixed with non-friable materials (tar, pitch, asphalt). This combination hardens the asbestos fibers, prevents their release, and avoids inhalation. The moment development includes the secure resources of removal where only hand obtained ideas similar to shovels and hammers are used to slip the roofing material from the building. Third evolution recommends that asbestos might be made wet before distressing it. Fourth step of defense covers how the materials are handled during and after removal. Fifth step argues this constituents removing the roofing resources as long as be qualified and certified in accordance with an EPA recognized training syllabus.

If you endure recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma, it is crucial to get a message to an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit attorney as rapidly as possible in order to be able to file an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit. You hold a true to sue asbestos firms if they are the basis of your disease. Specific data is compulsory to report an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit against these companies.

The most elementary piece of information that you require is your work history. Constant exposure to asbestos in the workplace is the several indicate of mesothelioma. People in stable close contact and proximity of those stressed in asbestos environments can also be at danger. Some models of individuals who are uncovered to asbestos are people who functioned in shipbuilding, mining, factory work, insulation manufacturing, and construction work.

It is vital to find your revelation, the duration of time exposed, and whether or not your family is also at risk. The more asbestos you have been heard exposed to, for an comprehensive span of time, the higher your possibility of asbestos mesothelioma. If you do not can identify where you may experience carried on exposed, or are hesitant of the company name, then most law corporations will explore and find out for you.

Your health check history is in addition significant information required to file a court case. Your analysis of mesothelioma must be documented, and the date of diagnosis is crucial to file an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit, due to statues of precincts.

For an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit to be filed, one needs to ascertain the correlation between the basis of the asbestos, i.e. your workplace, and your diagnosis of mesothelioma. The mixture of your struggle history and your health diagnosis is the explanation of your asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit. It have to be verified the present you contracted mesothelioma due to the negligence of asbestos companies. The aim is to authenticate the current your place of work exposure head to your mesothelioma, much although asbestos is the barely acknowledged require of this disease.

Also fundamental in filing an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit is whether “assumption of risk” was present. Assumption of possibility means this you be grateful for or were informed of possible asbestos exposure. You fancy to provide substantiation exceedingly there was no statement of risk at your workplace when filing your asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit.

The mixture of these types of factors is essential in filing an asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit versus asbestos companies. Reimbursement can be won if such factors can prove so your disease was caused by inattentive exposure in the past. Contacting an asbestos mesothelioma attorney will assistance present a huge quantity of information if essential.

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You Be able to Execute Impressive To Put off Asbestos Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma is a nature of cancer that affects the mesothelium or the sac similar watchful sunshade of internal organs. The major originate is disclosure to asbestos. consequently the superb possible avoidance is to pass up exposure to asbestos. Mesothelioma takes about thirty to fifty oldness for creation itself renowned. Tribe most the age of sixty five hold shown an as well liking to grown-up asbestos cancer. The mesothelioma is exceeding bourgeois juice sexuality than womanliness due to the actuality that capable are amassed mens working mark the industrial industry.
Asbestos is a mineral that is very same commonly used. Due to spare physical condition risks the mobilization of asbestos has been poverty-stricken according to ascendancy regulations. Prominence abomination of all the regulations asbestos is being used persuade bountiful manufacturing industries locus undoubted is mandatory for production. The most resultant prevention mode is to limit the exposure.
Working repercussion a company which uses asbestos is not secured. Looking for alternate employment would reveal the safest alternative. The companies have asbestos related safety precautions and one can acceptable they are being followed. The commonly heuristic jobs that pose the highest risk of mesothelioma are:
1 - Insulation manufacturing and installations.
2 - Mining
3 - Railroad tandem
4 - Foursome money the factories
5 - Asbestos manufacturing companies
6 - Underside pound contingent
7 - Automotive repairs
8 - Manufacturers of gas masks
Crowded senile homes embrace traces of asbestos. If you suspect your homey to constitute materials made of asbestos they can speak for tested significance the laboratory. There are agencies dealing with asbestos removal and they can be contacted for removing asbestos from your home. Though it can be done by yourself it is safer to let an asbestos abatement or removal contractor execute the procedure.
Asbestos that is not concerned is not considered a health risk. But if there is cracking, friable ceilings and plumbing and if the building is built before the 1980s then there are chances that they contain asbestos and have to be removed safely. Public buildings like schools, office buildings, libraries, theatres etc are all prone to this risk. The problem should be brought to the city authorities ' notice. Living near someone who works by asbestos also exposes you to the mineral.
Asbestos can be transported through clothing, skin and hair. Even a few strands of asbestos can occasionally lead to mesothelioma.
Once you have been exposed to asbestos and have not yet been diagnosed with the terminal condition, there is still hope for you. If care is taken you might not even develop it. Blood tests can be done annually to verify that you are healthy. There are other analytic tools that can be performed annually on asbestos exposed individuals to reconfirm their healthiness condition. These tests also aid in early revealing when the condition is curable and can be prohibited.
Smoking should be stopped since smokers are more vulnerable to the onset of the situation if they have asbestos exposure history. Prevention is the best way out in mesothelioma since it is lethal if not diagnosed early.

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Essential Oils and Cancer: A Review of Published Scientific Studies

The Acceptance of Alternative Therapies
While acceptance by the mainstream of conventional medicine may be a ways off, essential oils used in aromatherapy are proving themselves to be potential potent allies in the treatment of cancer. The alternative medicine called 'aromatherapy' might actually suffer from a misunderstanding of its name -- aromatherapy, often confused with the use of a Glad Plug In Air Freshener, is actually an entire branch of medicine with specific treatment protocols for a wide variety of illnesses. This practice is slowly gaining credibility with patients (perhaps more slowly with doctors) partaking in the conventional medical system of the United States. Their healing power, like that of most natural therapies, can not only transform difficult disease states, but can have a long-term positive effect on one's overall wellness. They are readily available, inexpensive, and just happen to smell nice -- but there's a whole lot more to them than that...
Scientific Validation of Essential Oil Therapy
Research into the area of medicinal applications of essential oils has been significant in recent years. Many oils have been proven to have significant antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal action. Now, the body of evidence of essential oils being strongly anti-tumorial, with specific anti-cancer action is growing, too. A search of Pub Med, the National Institute of Health's online research database produces 391 results for the search 'essential oils cancer' and 444 results for 'essential oil tumor'. MANY of the studies show a direct correlation in tumor and cancer cell line eradication with the use of essential oils. A great many have conclusions that indicate the studies results warrant further investigation of essential oils for the development of accepted therapies. Here's a review of some very promising results:
Targeted Anti-Cancer Action of Frankincense Essenital Oil
Frankincense has had a place in medicine for as long as medical practices have been documented. The resin from these stout trees of Africa and the Middle East is highly revered for its curative and preventative action (with many spiritual uses as well). In 2009, the journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine published a studied that outright said Frankincense essential oil kills cancer cells while sparing normal, healthy cells. The oil distilled from the tree's resin acted specifically on bladder cancer cells, with the study concluding that Frankincense might represent and alternative agent for treatment. Odd that the mainstream media has not made much of this finding -- it took a subscription to these abstracts for many interested parties to be notified -- otherwise it easily could have gone unnoticed! Frankincense essential oil is well known to be non-toxic, with many people able to put the oil directly on their skin, and even ingest the oil in small quantities without any negative response. Though it can induce cell death with incredible specificity, a feature that absolutely suggests further investigation should be performed -- hopefully the medical establishment will agree.
Essential Oil lf Lemongrass and Natural Cell Death
The oil distilled from the leaves of Lemongrass, an herb with a long medicinal history itself, also shows similar action. In an evaluation of the essential oil from the Lemongrass species Cymbopogon flexuosus, the oil was found cytotoxic to a number of cancer cell types, and was active particularly in affecting that 'hallmark of cancer cells', the 'dysregulation of apoptosis' -- the natural process of cell death. One study concluded "The easy and abundant availability of the oil combined with its suggested mechanism of cytotoxicity make CFO (Lemongrass Oil) highly useful in the development of anti-cancer therapeutics". Inexpensive, easy to make, and effective: virtues of all of Nature's finest medicines!
Liver Protection from Sweet Molecule
Linalool is a very common essential oil constituent. Essential oils are naturally made up of many individual chemical constituents, and linalool is a sweet, relaxing aromatic found in many floral and sweeter spice essential oils. Linalool itself, separated from the essential oil of Coriander (Cilantro seeds) was the subject of research published in the June 2009 issue of the journal of Chemico-Biological interactions. Linalool was found to completely eradicate the HepG2 liver cancer cell line in VERY low concentrations. Linalool has a great many other effects, having been shown to lower anxiety and even significantly improve sleep. And now it even has anti-cancer effects! So even if one is notle directly targeting cancer, but using aromatherapy in a more 'casual' application, there may be important protective effects occurring at the same time.
Skin Cancer Protection
Skin cancer is a major concern for many folks, and a series of studies have shown Sandalwood to be effective at preventing tumor development. Alpha-santalol, a component also shown to have anti-anxiety and sleep enhancing action, may be the constituent to which most of these effects may be attributed. This is fortunate, as Sandalwood from India is becoming more rare and expensive, though Sandalwood from Australia and other South Pacific islands is still readily available. A study published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, a formula used for containing just 5% Sandalwood essential oil used before exposure to toxins significantly reduced the formation of skin cancer tumors. A study published in January 2008 in the Journal of Anitcancer Research showed a significant reduction in tumor development in skin exposed to UVB radiation -- Sandalwood would make an excellent addition to a pre-sun body or face care formula.
DNA Protective Effects
The common spice oils of Thyme and Oregano have large concentrations of constituents that have been shown to protect human DNA from damage. Alteration through chemical and radiation exposure of our DNA is thought to be one of the primary causes of tumor development. Considered to be common essential oil constituents, exposure to both Carvacrol and Thymol lead to cells being significantly more resistant to DNA damage from exposure to hydrogen peroxide (a potent oxidative chemical). A similar study investigated this effect specifically on human lymphocytes (white blood cells) with the same results. The oil from the spice Turmeric has been the subject of many studies, not only examining its anti-tumor action, but elucidating the specific chemical pathways though which this action occurs. Many other 'spice' oils have been the subject of similar studies, indicating that these spices that have for so long played a part in the cuisines and cultures of the world also have played a role in the health of mankind. The essential oils of these spices offer highly-concentrated, easily absorbed preparations of these plants, with significant therapeutic potential.
Essential Oils and the Future of Cancer Treatments
This is just a brief look at the science behind aroma-medicine. Essential oils hold great promise in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases, including cancer -- which has always been viewed as one of the greatest medical challenges facing the human race. The research discussed here is freely available online, with the complete papers often available for relatively small fees from the publisher's websites. While acceptance of so-called alternative therapies into the mainstream of Western medicine may be a ways off, it will be the commitment and voice of practitioners and patients that move this process along most quickly. These medicines are readily available, inexpensive and easy to use, and with the right encouragement, they will certainly be a part of the holistic medicine systems of the future. (Please note that essential oils can be contra-indicated during the course of conventional cancer treatments, as they have the potential to prevent chemotherapy from working as intended. One's primary care physician should always be consulted regarding essential oil use if a serious medical condition is being treated).

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Battling Skin Cancer In Denver

Skin cancer in Denver is just as much an issue for local residents as it is in any sun-drenched corner of the nation. When it comes to sun damage, Denver residents are every bit as susceptible as tropical Florida residents, despite the drastic difference in climates. Correspondingly, skin cancer treatment in Denver and greater Colorado is just as important here as abroad; what is more, patients with skin cancer in Denver are lucky—skin cancer treatment in Denver is as good as it gets.

How to Protect Yourself Against Sun Damage For Denver Residents

Denver patients shouldn’t forget to protect themselves from the dangerous consequences of sun damage in Denver, even during the middle of a winter. Why: because, skin cancer in Denver never rests, no matter what the weather is like outside. The same rules apply for prevention of sun damage in Denver as in any other place. Here are the basics:

• Using SPF on exposed skin every day and reapplication of SPF when needed

• Wearing long sleeves and long pants, even in the warm temperatures

• Wearing wide-brimmed hats, which cut down on the sun’s exposure on the face

Since you really can’t completely protect yourself from the sun and its harmful effects, if you do find any damage, you need to seek out a qualified Denver dermatologist to check you out yearly or more often.

In Search of The Best Skin Cancer Treatment In Denver

If you know you are suffering skin cancer in Denver or think that those abnormal growths and moles on you skin could be cancerous, you definitely need to go to a qualified, experienced dermatologist who knows about skin cancer in Denver. Thankfully for those residents suffering from skin cancer in Denver, treatment is available from many well trained dermatologists with great skill.

Those looking for skin cancer treatment in Denver can also find a number of area doctors and dermatologists know all about delivering breakthrough, cutting edge and effective skin care treatment in their Denver office thanks to their skills and education. Skin cancer patients don’t need to look anywhere else in the country for advance cancer treatments because Denver dermatologists have such abilities.

More About Advanced Skin Cancer Treatment In Denver

If there is any suspicions about skin cancer, a patient may feel troubled at least, but there is good news. Many forms of skin cancer can be treated easily, especially when they are found in their early stages. Skin cancer patients in Denver will be able to work with well-trained professional dermatologists and doctors who have skin cancer treatments available in Denver and Colorado that can save lives.Among the skin cancer treatments that any Denver patients should ask about when deciding on their treatment include:

• Melanoma Treatment in Denver. Melanoma treatment may be the most serious type of skin cancer, but when it is diagnosed, found and treated early, it can be cured 100% of the time. Melanoma treatment for patients in Denver must be guided by a doctor or team of doctors who are experienced in that form of recognition and treatment. Good patients need to know that melanoma treatment in Denver must have an accurate diagnosis from a dermatological specialist. They will know what to look for and find it.

• Mohs Surgery in Denver. Skin cancer patients need to know about Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is an advanced skin cancer treatment in Denver. It has a great rate of cure for all kinds of skin cancer treatment in Denver and around the world. Mohs is most often used to treat the two most common kinds of skin cancer. In Denver, Mohs surgery gives patients so much in one doctor’s visit—surgery for cancer removal, immediate pathological analysis as well as reconstruction. The patient stays awake and aware during the procedure. Mohs surgery in Denver gives patients a fast and effective choice for their skin cancer treatment, especially for a wide group of Denver skin cancer patients.

There are many skin cancer treatments for patients in Denver. But these two rank as the most important, most advanced and complete treatments for the skin disease. Those patients who are facing the diagnosis or may consider it should have piece of mind. If you are getting treatment in Denver, you know your doctor is among the best trained and well educated in the area and the world. Patients in Denver have their health well-protected thanks to these great services.

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Ovarian Cancer - Pain Alleviation Methods

When the cancer in the ovary is detected early, then the chances for victorious treatment and the survival are possible. But in general the symptoms are very silent in the case of ovarian cancer and thus the ovarian cancer posses the habit of being subtle or do not highlight themselves till it progress to the advanced stage. The research study indicates that there are some general symptoms that may occur for the ovarian cancer. The women are expected to be familiar with the symptoms of the ovarian cancer and should go to the doctor when they come across any such symptom. It is also advisable for all the women beyond the age of 18 to undergo the pelvic exams annually.

The very common symptoms that may occur for the woman who has the ovarian cancer are the indigestion, change in the bowel movement and nausea. Pelvic pain may or may not be experienced by the women who have ovarian cancer. Some of the other symptoms that are associated with the ovarian cancer are the pain in the pelvic or abdomen, pressure, discomfort, swelling, gastrointestinal upsets like nausea, indigestion or gas, urgent urination, abnormal weight loss or gain and in particular weight gain in the region of abdomen, swelling in abdomen, pain during the intercourse, pain in the legs and bleeding in the vagina unusually.

A recent study in a journal also indicated that some of the symptoms are very common among the women who were affected with the ovarian cancer. The survey was conducted with the women with the ovarian cancer and without the ovarian cancer. The solution was that the women with the ovarian cancer had many problems in common and experience the same for more than 12 times a month. The common symptoms that are taken for the research study are the pain in the pelvic or the abdomen, bloating of abdomen, urgent urinary, frequency of urination, feeling heavy after little consumption and finding difficult to eat.

It is advised for those women with the above symptoms to consult the physician immediately who will perform various tests to know the severity and the nature of the cancer in the ovary. It is also suggested to meet the gynecologists preferably on daily basis for some weeks to have a complete study of the ovarian cancer.

These symptoms which are silent may sometimes highlight the ovarian cancer and its severity. One should be aware that the ovarian cancer in the early stage cannot be known by the affected person as she will not be getting any symptom for the same. She will be experiencing the discomfort or swelling in the lower abdomen as when the cancer grows in the ovary. As many symptoms will not occur till the cancer spread throughout the ovary, it will be ignored.

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Sleep Deprivation Contributes To Cancer Risk

There's nothing like a good nights sleep - so they say. Sleeping is the process that feels just great when we get enough of it and can seriously undermine daily activities when we don't. It is a time for your body to rest and recuperate from life's everyday strains.

Without it, we know we get run down emotionally and physically. This is a time when the body's defences are down and we can be prone to infection if lack of sleep is an on-going issue. Indeed, there are even sleep clinics around the country to deal with sleep disorders as they have such a knock on effect in everyday life.

New research from scientists in Japan suggest that a lack of sufficient sleep leads to an increased chance of breast cancer. The findings, published in the British Journal of Cancer, states that women need a minimum of six hours sleep a night. Without this, their chances of breast cancer increase by up to 60 per cent. With 40,000 women a year in Britain being diagnosed with this disease these are obviously not statistics we can afford to ignore.

The good news is that for those women who get the luxury of nine or more hours sleep a night can decrease their chance of contracting breast cancer by nearly thirty per cent. It is thought that the hormone melatonin plays a strong role in preventing the tumours from developing and melatonin is developed during periods of sleep.

These results back up other research that has been carried out into the issue of sleep deprivation and its effects on cancer, according to Cancer Research UK. One in particular suggests that with decreased levels of melatonin in the blood, current tumours will grow at double the speed.

For those with breast cancer already the patient, it seems, would fare better if they were to be holding a private health insurance policy when they were diagnosed. Charity Breast Cancer Care have conducted a study into the patients receiving medical attention for breast cancer and found that they are suffering a lack of essential care. In fact, nearly half of patients with advanced breast cancer do not have access to a named health care professional.

This conflicts with the fact that 98 per cent of those with a primary diagnosis of breast cancer are receiving this part of the care plan that offers emotional and medical support. Private health care, funded by private health insurance, is less likely to see a patient suffering such issues given that there is more funding and more expectations on the professionals and it is a sad fact of life that relying on the state system which Britain used to be so proud of now see's people having to turn to private health insurance to cover.

Being diagnosed with advanced stage cancer is a very frightening time for patients and the level of care needed is significantly raised above those with a primary cancer. That said, some good news to come from the government this week is that they are now making a way for patients to be able to buy top up drugs through their private health insurance whilst still receiving NHS care. Mixing the two was not previously allowed and this has led to many complaints as some drugs that could help cancer victims were not affordable or available through certain health authorities.

So it would seem that having a private health insurance policy in place can help in many ways, from funding high quality medical help to buying approved drugs otherwise unavailable to assisting in enough peace of mind to contribute to a good nights sleep.

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Techniques for Handling Prostate Cancer Illness

It's not that bad when you look at it - prostate cancer, that is. I know it can be very devastating news to be told you have the condition, but like I just said, it's not that bad. This article looks at some facts about prostate cancer and why it's not that bad.

Before you crucify me for this statement, I implore you to give me audience while I make my point. You see - prostate cancer is indeed a killer disease, no doubt, but it's not the worst killer disease out there. It's a disease that gives every victim adequate time to either plan out a treatment or enough time to plan out the remaining days of their lives. Of course this isn't some cool news, but it's better than other horrible "die instantly" illnesses like heart attack.

If you have heart attack, it's mostly an instant killer, one that won't give you anytime to do anything else, let alone say good bye to your loved ones, but prostate cancer isn't like that. With prostate cancer you still have some good amount of time to live and even time enough to start working out a solution that might help to get rid of the cancer.

Thankfully, there are now lots of medical advancements being made in the area of prostate cancer to ensure that it's no longer a killer disease. Lots of people have survived the condition and you can as well survive it. Nothing says you can't. It's all about making up your mind to do all you can to survive the condition and getting started on finding a solution. There are lots of experts medical professionals out there that are responsible for saving lots of lives of prostate cancer victims.

Remember, despite all that has been said about prostate cancer, your best chances of surviving it is if the cancer is detected pretty quickly, before it spreads to the other parts of the body. Yes, you heard that right - that's the main reason why it's highly recommended to constantly go for prostate cancer tests at least once a year. This will help you detect and start treating it right when it's at it's infancy... and that's the best bet you have of surviving the condition.

If you have brothers, loved ones and relatives that are above, say, 50 years old, you ought to let them know about the importance of constantly going for these prostate cancer tests, particularly if all of them are over 50 years old. This might very well save their lives, eventually.

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Information about Breast Cancer that Every Woman Should Know

Breasts and uterus are the two most common places cancer may develop in women. Both areas are easily examined and every woman owes it to herself to undergo such examinations periodically. Breast cancer is one of the most significant diseases affecting women, taking the lives of many thousands of women all over the world.

Breast cancer is very rare in women below the age of 40. In this article, you will find useful information on breast cancer that every woman should know.

When Should You be Alert for Breast Cancer?

Below are some of the symptoms that are alarming and one need to consult a doctor for careful breast examination.

1. If there is any change in the shape or outline of the breast when there is movement of arms and lifting of breast.
2. If there are any lumps, thickening or bumpy areas in one breast or armpit, which seem to be different from the same part of the other breast and armpit.
3. If there is discomfort and pain in one breast that is different from normal, particularly if it is new and persistent.
4. If there is discharge in a nipple or nipples (not milky).
5. If there is bleeding or there are moist reddish spots on the breasts.
6. If there is any change in the nipple position – pulled in or paining differently. There is nipple rash on or around the nipple.

There can be many reasons for the above changes in the breast. Most of them are harmless, but they need to be checked, as there is a small chance they could be the first sign of cancer or any other disease. In case of any change, consult a doctor. Remember, the sooner it is examined, the simpler is the treatment likely to be.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

Copyright © Nick Mutt, All Rights Reserved. If you want to use this article on your website or in your ezine, make all the urls (links) active.

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Preventing And Curing Cancer Using The Budwig Diet

The Budwig Diet is one of the best entirely natural ways of beating cancer, but despite its success rate it is still relatively unknown. There are numerous conventional forms of treating cancer in the world today, but the problem is that many of these have unpleasant side effects and can sometimes put the patient through a lot of pain.

The Budwig Diet takes a different approach to the treatment of cancer, and proves that many people can be cured from the devastating disease simply through the food that they eat. It is gradually beginning to gain acceptance as an effective treatment for cancer, and the positive results are proving time after time that it should be seen as a very real alternative to the conventional treatments. Here we will present the main elements of the Budwig Diet so that you too can benefit from its powerful effects.

Dr Budwig

Dr Johanna Budwig was the founder of the Budwig Diet. Born in 1908 and dying in 2003, she lived a long life that was dedicated almost exclusively to research into a cure for cancer. She made such a reputation for herself during her lifetime that she became one of the most eminent cancer researchers in Europe and was nominated for the Nobel Prize on no less than seven occasions.

Discoveries In The Blood

Much of Dr Budwig’s research was into the blood of cancer patients and how it differed from healthy people. Before she discovered the diet, she carried out a huge amount of research into this area to try to find a possible cause, and made a few important discoveries.

The main discoveries that she found through examining the blood of cancer patients were that it contained lower levels Omega 3, and that it also contained a strange yellow substance that was not found in the blood of healthy people.

These discoveries were very important because they indicated to Dr Budwig that diet was the main factor in the development of cancerous cells, and she set about trying to create a diet that could counteract the damaging effects of the cancer before it was too late.

The Diet

After her discoveries with the blood of cancer patients, she began to look into the diets that they were used to eating to see just how they were affecting the patients and how they could be counteracted.

She observed the modern diet and found it to be high in trans fats, which was affecting the electrical charge within the cells of the human body and helping to cause cancer.

This led her to become certain that diet was entirely responsible for the development of all forms of cancer, and she began to work on her own diet that would be able to not only prevent cancer but treat it as well.

She decided that the only way to beat the cancer was to replace all the bad elements of a diet with ingredients that were high in nutrients and essential oils. This would counter the negative effect of the cancerous cells, increase the number of red blood cells and would eventually lead to the body overcoming the cancer within it.

Flaxseed Oil And Quark

After further research, Dr Budwig decided to base her diet on two main ingredients: flaxseed oil and quark. These were to become the foundation of the diet, and other ingredients would also be included on top.

Why flaxseed oil? It has a very high dose of Omega 3, which was one of the essential oils lacking in the blood of cancer patients. It is also good because it is very rare to be intolerant of it, and so it was likely to have fewer problems than other types of Omega 3 foods.

Quark, which is a similar product to cottage cheese, was introduced as the second main ingredient mainly because of its high protein levels. Dr Budwig decided that the two ingredients would complement each other and lead to the most powerful anti-cancer formula.

What You Can And Cannot Eat

The Budwig Diet contains a wide variety of healthy foods on its list which make it easy to vary and provides a number of great recipes to try. All the foods that are allowed on the diet are healthy and tasty, and will aid in the improving process. These include vegetables, fruit juice, raw nuts, green tea, organic red wine, lentils, baking soda, porridge and many others.

However, there are also some foods that should be avoided at all costs. These include meat, anything with hydrogenated oils and most importantly anything with sugar in. Dr Budwig discovered that cancer cells use glucose in order to take their energy and to grow, so by preventing any sugar from getting into the body the cancer cells lose their source of energy and are weakened, meaning they are easier to defeat.

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