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What are the Chances of Liver Disease Turning to Liver Cancer By: Jesse Jesse

Liver disease may not pose a severe case in some forms, but there are eventualities when a
certain symptom turns into a liver cancer the passing of time. The
liver function plays a huge part not just in the processing of nutrients but
as well as the breaking down of fasts. Abuse on human liver could come in any
form. Some known liver abuse are the lack of sleep, constant alcohol intake, and
continuous medication of some medicine that weakens the liver constitution. Once a
liver disease sets in, it is imperative that it be given immediate and
special attention. Never take for granted any kind of symptoms for when the
disease is in its critical stage, the chances of it turning into a cancer is
almost 90%.

When a liver is infected with a disease, such as the hepatitis, there is a big
tendency for it to become a liver cancer. Liver disease can be
identified and categorized according to the cause and effect it poses on the
liver. The range of causes why a liver contracted certain disease is from
infection, injury, exposure to drugs or toxic substances, an autoimmune process,
or a genetic effect. Most of these causes could lead to either hepatitis,
cirrhosis, blockages cause by formed stones, fatty liver, and the
worst is liver cancer. Once the liver function is interrupted,
the person starts to weaker thus creating further damage in the body.

Hepatitis is the most common liver disease with two major types: acute hepatitis
and the chronic hepatitis. The acute type causes the liver to inflame
quite fast, while the chronic produces symptoms of inflammation that slowly
damages the entire liver, in over a long period of time. The advent of the
disease may come from the mentioned causes, but the major cause comes from the
hepatitis virus coined one after the other, are Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E.
When a certain liver diseases progresses to liver cancer, that is
the time when the patience chances of recovery is near to zero. Being the
largest organ in the body, disruption of its function will certainly lead to the
death of a person especially, when not give immediate attention.

Liver cancer is considered to be the fifth among the topmost
cancer that affects the human body. There are cases wherein the cancer cells
did not originate from the liver itself, instead the cancer cells from another
infected organ spread around the body. The organs such as the colon, stomach,
pancreas, breast and lung, which are quite near to the liver, when attacked with
cancer cells, spreads rapidly to its surrounding organ. However, there are
certain types of cancer such as the hepatocellular cancer or carcinoma that
originated from the liver cells itself. Once a person is contracted with
liver cancer, the rate of survival is quite slim. Usually, within the year
of discovery, the person expires. There are remedies to prevent the person from
suffering too much; however, no relative cure that has been discovered for
liver cancer sickness.

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