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Understanding Ovarian Cancer: The Reality of Cancer

What is ovarian cancers survival rate? Survival rates can be calculated by different methods for different purposes. Relative survival rate measures the survival of ovarian cancer patients as compared to the general population with the efforts of estimating the effect of cancer.
The 5-year relative ovarian cancer survival rate for 1996-2002 was 44.7 percent. The 5-year relative ovarian cancer survival rates based on race and sex are 44.2 percent for white women and 39.5 percent for black women.
What is stage IV cancer survival rate for ovarian cancers? This is the most advanced stage of ovarian cancer wherein it has spread to the inside of the liver, the lungs, or other organs located outside of the peritoneal cavity. Finding ovarian cancer cells in the fluid around the lungs (called pleural fluid) also indicate stage IV of the disease. The survival rate for stage IV ovarian cancer is ranges from 18 to 77 percent depending on different staging classifications.
Jan Pederson after displaying several symptoms of ovarian cancer underwent an ultrasound to arrive to diagnosis. The ultrasound confirmed there was a mass and fluid. Within two days, she was in the O.R. at a well-known cancer hospital. The oncologist removed a two-pound tumor and a gallon of fluid that the tumor produced and lost 10 pounds on the operating table. She went through several treatments and procedures and now six years after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, her life is good. She is eating healthy and taking supplements recommended by her naturopathic clinician. And since January 2009, lifes become even more fulfilling.
Speaking as a cancer survivor, Lori Warchols image has had several television appearances in screens across the nation. She is an advocate for taking control of cancer and ones own treatment as opposed to letting cancer take control.
It is important for everyone to know, no matter how scared or devastated they are, there are a number of options out there. I experienced a combination of medical expertise and good customer service that is hard to come by. This has been the best healthcare experience of my life, Warchol said.

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