How to Stop Cancer Ebook

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Did you know that in the year 2005 $ 209.9 billion were spent on conventional cancer treatments in the US alone?

That more than 40% of Medicare spending comes from oncology?

That your chance of getting cancer in your lifetime has just increased from ~30% to 43,3% (males) in the last 10 years?

Did your oncologist tell you that Chemo "therapy" destroys your immune system - your only defense against the disease?

That radiation "therapy" causes severe DNA damage to millions of formerly healthy cells which now will become cancerous?

Well, they don’t tell you!

Here is the truth: you cannot poison your body back to health - a cure must come from within - or there is no cure.

The Cancer Center Philippines has lots of good news:

Cancer cells are actually the weakest cells in a patient’s body and are EASY TO KILL - without toxic side effects.

Cancer is a metabolic disorder - a lack of digestive enzymes, a compromised immune system and microbial parasite invasion are the underlying causes.

There are actually hundreds of natural, alternative and integrative medicine modalities that can help your body overcome and heal, but to find out what works for you may result in valuable time spent in guesswork, time that some patients simply do not have.

Alternative therapies are also time consuming when it comes to everyday's life, so chances of you following a protocol strictly at home are honestly - slim.

The Cancer Center Philippines takes the guesswork off your shoulders.

We offer highly successful Enzyme - Immune - Cell Therapy with 18 standard and 6 individualized, finely tuned natural, alternative and integrative medicine therapy modalities.

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