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The Cancer Treatments

Today, when someone asked you about the world’s most dangerous killer, what would you say? Well, some people would say the heart attack. Some people would say the AIDS, but some others would say the cancer disease. As we all know, the cancer diseases have been considered as one of the most deadly disease in the whole world. The worst part of cancer disease is; it kills softly. It’s like a cold blooded killer who enjoyed the moment when the victim was dying. The worst part is; many cancer cases were noticed after it has already entered the late phases, the level III or IV. In this level, the healing possibilities have decreased into the lowest level, with only 25 percent possibilities. If the cancer could be noticed earlier, in the level I or II, the healing possibilities is about 75 percent. That is not a good number as well, but at least the living chances are bigger.
So, when they have already found out about it, what should they do? They should consult to the experts. The experts would recommend some treatments. Well, so far the most sophisticated medical technology hasn’t reached the top level yet. The medical technology is still unable to clear the cancer cells. So far, the latest medical treatments for cancer could only postponed the cancer cells developments. They could only slow down the growth of the cancer cells. Somehow, these treatments are the best treatments for cancer so far. Those treatments are; surgery, chemotherapy radiation therapy, immunotherapy, the monoclonal antibody therapy and some others. These options above would be able to be used to treat the cancer disease but the usage of the methods would depend on the status of the patients. If the cancer of the patient has already reached the late phases, the level II and IV, the only possible ways is the surgery.
By doing the surgery, the doctor would remove the cancer cells from the body. Unfortunately, the removing surgery often still leaves some of those cancer cells inside. With several perfect triggers, the cancer cells would ruin the body again, this time; they would fight harder, and much crueler that they ever were. If the cancer disease was still in early phases such as the level I or II, the doctor would suggest the chemotherapy or the radiation therapy. But somehow, the chemotherapy and the radiation therapy were not only killed the cancer cells. It also killed the other body cells around it. So, the cancer patient would feel some terrible post treatment pains soon after the treatment was done. They must do that over and over again until the cancer cells are permanently moved. The successful of these methods would depend on the patient’s condition. If their body were in good condition, their chance to survive would be bigger.

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