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Sweetened Drinks: A Can Full of Cancer

Most of the non-alcohol drinkers have but one refuge- cola! However, now you should think twice before opening the deadly can. Studies have revealed alarming results than can spell danger if you consume more than two soft drinks per week. This sweetened liquid can prove to be poison for pancreas and can cause pancreatic cancer. This is a very rare cancer but at the same time it can be highly dangerous as well.
The results of a study conducted on 60,000 people confirmed that those people, who drink fruit based drinks like juices as an alternative to sodas, are exposed to lesser risk level of pancreatic cancer. Related researches also associate other health issues with excessive intake of sweetened drinks such as an overall poor health.
Doctors are of the opinion that the sugar present in soft drinks and colas gradually increases the sugar level within the body. This in turn increases the level of insulin which is produced in the body. This boost in insulin level is what triggers the pancreatic cells and causes cancer growth. Insulin is that hormone which aids in the metabolic process of the body and is formed in the pancreas.
There are various journals present on this subject which focus on the danger of sweetened drinks for the health of the pancreas. Many studies carried out in relation to this have tracked about 60,524 men and women to obtain the generalized results based on their research.
During this research, around 140 of the volunteers ended up having pancreatic cancer. It was observed that 87 percent of those people, whose soft drink intake was more than twice a week, were at a much greater risk of falling into the category of those who developed the deadly pancreatic cancer.
Scientists and researchers are at crossroads now that the results are out. Some believe that this is a common phenomena occurring as a result of lifestyle disorders such as too much leisure, shopping sprees that end in a cola binge to quench thirst. On the other hand, certain sections of scientists feel that the study is performed on a relatively less number of people and such vague claims cannot be made. Soft drink intake might be dependent on other health related behavior such as eating red meat or smoking cigarettes, which cannot be controlled. Some studies have related red meat consumption with pancreatic cancer.
This kind of cancer is a very unusual form of cancer but is one of the most lethal types of cancer you encounter. There are 230,000 cases of pancreatic cancer across the globe. In the United States itself, every year there are 37,680 pancreatic cancer patients out of which 34,290 succumb to this deadly cancer. The five year survival rate is said to be about 5 percent.
While some researchers feel that excessive sugar consumption enhances certain types of cancer, facts confirm the contrary. It is seen that tumor cells utilize glucose the most. A regular can of cola contains 130 calories from sugar approximately. In such a scenario, if studies are to be believed, it is a sane choice to limit cola intake and keep it minimum to maintain a healthy body.
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