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How to Fight Breast Cancer

Breast cancer chances is believed to reduce with the number of biological children a woman has. This is so because it is believed that nursing reduces the chances of abnormal growth within the breast. So it is advised that women should breast feed their children when they have them.

The treatment of breast cancer can be surgical, radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The advised type is subjected to the nature of the disease. There are cases when a combination of these treatments is required as in the case of metastasis. Speak to professionals before receiving any form of breast cancer treatment. And most importantly – stay open and believe that you can survive the various forms of treatment that will be given to you. You will be surprised how effective this can be. Seriously!

Progesterone is known to help stabilize the level of other hormone present in your body. Stabilizing these hormonal balance can help prevent the development of breast cancer in your breast tissues. Progesterone can be gotten topically from progesterone containing creams.

As strange as it may sound, men are also susceptible to breast cancer. Although it is not common, breast cancer has been diagnosed in men, mostly the sexagenarians. Therefore as a man, you shouldn't feel exempted from the fringes of breast cancer, constantly examine yourself and make appointments with your doctor at the first signs of abnormalities.

Breast cancer treatments involve some pre treatment preparations. This preparation includes the dos and don’ts that your doctor advises after the diagnosis of breast cancer. A full adherence to this advice will help your breast cancer treatment yield a better result.

Breast cancer is almost painless at the initial stage; this has made early detection somewhat difficult. One of the symptoms however that can be felt early enough is armpit itching. The itching can even extend beyond the armpit and extend to the surroundings of the breast. Although this is not a must feel symptom before breast cancer can be diagnosed, it is advised that you take note and report all irregular cases of armpit itching.

The chances of treating breast cancer in women are proportional to their age. Younger women can actually receive strong treatment and be able to live and overcome the side effects of such treatment, whereas the older ones may develop more complications from received treatments for breast cancer. The earlier breast cancer is detected the better the chances of treating it.

Breast cancer is usually characterized with changes in the size of the breast. However a drastic change in your breast size does not necessarily confirm the presence of cancer cells. If you notice differences in your breast size, it is advised that you seek medical attention to determine the cause.

The symptom of breast cancer includes bloody discharge from the nipples. Occasionally, this discharge may be clear and none bloody. Once you notice this check for lump within the breast by manual touch and also examine the skin around your breast. If you notice anymore irregularities, you should seek immediate medical assistance.

Some women exercise denial of breast cancer as if they are exempted from having the disease. You must understand that no matter how you much you deny the disease, it won't make it go away ones it is there. You have to start paying attention to advises and tips on how to prevent, cope with and treat breast cancer as nobody is actually exempted from the disease.

A bad side effect of breast cancer treatment is the experiencing of a premature menopause. This makes the virginal dry, and sex more painful than fun. If you are experiencing this after your breast cancer treatment, you should see your doctor immediately and have him/her refer you to a sex related defect professional.

Although occasionally found in men, breast cancer is most common in women. The statistic shows a ratio of 1:100 for men: women diagnosed cases of breast cancer. This shows that women are more endangered to breast cancer, but most importantly, this has shown that men too can develop breast cancer; therefore they should also check their risk factors and speak occasionally to their doctor concerning breast cancer.

Breast cancer is usually associated with lumpy feel within the breast. But not all breast cancer is characterized by lumps. An example of non-lumpy breast cancer is the inflammatory breast cancer. However inflammatory breast cancer is not common thus a lot of people are not familiar with the disease, last year it only recorded about 3% of the total diagnosed breast cancer.

Breast cancer cannot be pinned to any cause as at present. This has made the prevention of breast cancer almost impossible as we don't actually know the things to stay away from. You can reduce the risk of breast cancer however by boosting your body's immune system, eating leafy vegetable, fresh fruits and whole grain foods are ways by which you can boost your immune system.

Meat and dairy products are known to increase estrogen content of the human system. Estrogen is a known risk increasing factor of breast cancer. You cannot be asked to stay away from these food materials as they are good sources of protein which is essential for the body, but limiting the consumption of these products may help you prevent breast cancer.

Breast cancer in men can be characterized by a warm feel to touch and inverted nipples. If you notice this as you bath or examine yourself, then make appointment with your doctor for clinical confirmation of your status.
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