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What Are The Prostate Cancer Causes Among Men?

Every year, more that 27,000 people are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the US only. As this disease affects men worldwide, it is said that this is the type of cancer that most commonly hits men worldwide.

Before dealing with the causes of prostate cancer you should first understand that testosterone does not by itself cause prostate cancer. However, if you do have prostate cancer, the male hormone will feed it thus contributing to its growth. This fact is often used in some kinds of prostate cancer treatments.

The most obvious and most natural risk factor is age. Men under 50 years old are rarely diagnosed with prostate cancer. It is strongly recommended that men who are in their fifties do have a test carried out. Most men of and over 100 years old have prostate cancer.

Genetics are important risk factors when it comes to prostate cancer. If one parent (1st degree relationship such as brother or father) has been diagnosed of prostate cancer, you are much more at risk. Scientists believe that it is the HPC1, HPC2 and HPCX genes that transmit this disease and are closely studying them. If several women in your family have been diagnosed of breast cancer, it could imply that you have inherited of a defective gene making you more at risk.

There is also an ethnic factor associated with prostate cancer. It has been proved that prostate cancer is more common in black American people than Asians. Those who descend from African people are also much more exposed to prostate cancer.

The diet is also a cause of prostate cancer in men though more studies are being carried out nowadays. On one hand, diets which contain many fats such as red meat could lead to prostate cancer. On the other hand, diets which are mainly composed of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes, diminish the risk of getting prostate cancer.

Moreover, it is said that having recourse to a vasectomy might also cause prostate cancer. While some studies have proved it, others have rejected this idea.

The number of treatments and remedies available for prostate cancer keep on increasing daily. Start by informing yourself about the different available options and consult your medical doctor and/or herbalist.

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