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Survival Statistics Of Cancer

Facts that you should know about Cancer Survival Statistics?

Cancer survival statistics can be either good or bad. Just like any other statistics, it express probability. It estimate the average cancer patients who will survive regardless of their personal conditions.

As stated by Sen. Mitch McConnell on Health-Care Reform

Senate Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"One thing most people like about health care in the U.S. is the quality of cancer care that's available here. Far too many Americans die from cancer. Yet for all the problems we have, the fact is, America boasts some of the highest cancer survival rates in the world".

How you take care of your health before and after cancer, has a great impact in the prognosis of the disease. A woman who regularly examine her breast and have regular mammograms, will likely to survive cancer.The earlier it is diagnosed and treated, the higher the chance of survival.

Cancer can be terrifying at first, but living in fear will not bring you anywhere. It is extremely important to overcome your fear to be able to survive. Understanding cancer survival can be helpful in controlling your fears. It will not minimize the treatment a patient will be going through, but a positive attitude can make a difference.

Few breast conserving treatment (BCT) data include women older than 70, yet a study of 910 women being treated by BCT for stage I"II breast cancer, when all patients received Radiotherapy (RT) found that a 65 month follow up found that a second cancer occurred in only 5.6 percent of cases. Six hundred and seventy six percent of cases were in complete remission (74.3%), 22 were evaluative (2.4%). 206 patients died (22.6%). The results of this study concluded that those that needed more aggressive treatment had been identified.

Improving cancer survival statistics is never far from reach. It is a serious disease but can be defeat. Your type of cancer, your environment, your diet, your lifestyle and everything you do has a great impact on your cancer survival statistics.

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