How to Stop Cancer Ebook

Cancer Awareness is Pevention

We have been listening from time immemorials that prevention is better than cure and it is so true as well. Till the time the medical science can offer a permanent fix to this deadly disease, the only way of fighting cancer is – prevention. But this prevention required that one is aware of the symptoms and the warning signs of cancer.

There is always a very good hope if we can detect cancer in initial stage. But it becomes really very difficult to cure the disease in the late presentations. So we should create awareness about the cancer world wide at mass scale and this alone is the way that we can fight with cancer and reduce the number of cancer patients all across the world.

Late presentations are just because of lack of education, awareness and early diagnosis. If we are educated, aware and have facility of good healthcare where an early diagnosis can be done, we will be saved for sure. This awareness can be created in the society by telling the people about the early signs and symptoms and promoting the healthcare services.

This is considered the government’s responsibility to provide this awareness, through it’s health programms. To some extent this is true as well but this is a disease taking it’s toll from the society and this way we should consider this to be our social responsibility to get ourselves appropriate education regarding cancer and spread the same to one another in the society by using various media.

Today the access to right information is available to most of the people but due to lack of education, few know about this. Even the educated persons may be deprived of this info for that they may not be computer literate. This becomes the duty of every one who is educated, computer literate and have access to the information which can promote cancer awareness, to spread this knowledge in the society by any media.

The most important is the early detection, unfortunately most of the people reaching the hospitals too late and that makes this very difficult to treat the disease. We should promote early diagnosis so that one is able to recognize the warning signs of cancer, reaches hospital in time and saved from death.
These early warning signs are such as persistent indigestion, abnormal bleeding, hoarseness of the voice and things like that. If one is well informed about these, early diagnosis can always be seeked.
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