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Almost everyone on the planet will know someone who has died from cancer but the cure will come; fortunately there is a worldwide research program being carried out and it's just a matter of time. When you think about the impact that a cure would bring to this global problem it sends a shudder through your spine. The causes for cancer seem to be many but despite all the knowledge we gain, it is still almost impossible to know if or when a person will contract it.
Of course many researchers belief that we are in effect born with cancer which is just waiting for something to set if off, but just what is cancer? Well, it is a disease that's characterized by a large number of cells that continue to grow and divide; they invade and destroy adjacent tissues and may even spread to other anatomical sites through a process called metastasis.
The difference between a cancerous tumor an a benign one is that malignant tumors continue to grow whereas benign ones limit their growth an many of us live comfortably with them during out lives without even knowing. It causes more deaths per population than any other illness and the older you get the more prone you are to contracting the disease; thirteen percent of people die from one of it's many strains every year around the world. Most cancers are caused by some form of poison in the cells which creates abnormalities in the genetic makeup of those cells; cigarette smoke is a predisposing factor to a number of cancers.
The cause can also be the responsibility of faulty DNA replication or a genetic trait inherited from parents which means a person can be born with them. It is still not fully understood why one person will contract the disease and another be free from it but it is believed that the interactions between any carcinogens and each person's particular DNA is complicated.
Long term research has given a better picture of what cancer is and the study of cancer is one of the top ten diseases being researched throughout the world. Much of the world's research into diseases is to try and find the reason why some people do not contract certain diseases whilst others do. We all want to know more about the causes of cancer what we can do to help prevent this illness from striking.
One of the major causes surrounds food and dietary habits. Your regular diet could be putting you at long term risk from all kinds of diseases. Dairy foods are also considered to be a cause. Calcium from dairy products is thought to be possible cause of prostrate cancer in males. Other foodstuffs that could create problems are too much salt and saturated fat.
Cancer can strike anywhere in the body and each is a specialist type to the organ or part of the body it has infected. Sometimes the disease is only picked up through routine screening. Usually the cancer is at an early stage and a person may have a better chance of being cured. the number of different types of cancer that can be treated has increased dramatically in recent years with so much intensive research being carried out. Cancer is not the certain death sentence it once was and although many of its various forms are incurable at this time, medical science continues to improve.
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