How to Stop Cancer Ebook

Decoding Cancer - Has Science Discovered The Answer?

Cancer is caused by the alteration of a cell's DNA, leading to cellular dysfunction. Altered cells replicate aggressively resulting in tumors which grow relentlessly invading their surroundings. Eventually healthy cells can be choked out, resulting in system failure and ultimately death.

Cancer can be caused by a variety of factors relating to genetics, environment, or diet. A normally functioning immune system will eliminate cancerous cells, but a weakened immune system can allow cancer to gain a foothold.

Therefore a proper functioning immune system is imperative in eliminating a cancerous growth, as well as preventing a tumor from forming. But for the immune system to function properly our cells must be able to communicate efficiently.

Every day we produce hundreds of thousands of cancerous cells, but a healthy immune system easily recognizes and disposes of the problem cells. It's only when the immune system fails to recognize or eliminate these cells that cancer becomes a problem.

Glycobiolgy is the study of a group of saccharides, called glyconutrients, that are essential for proper bodily function. Researchers have found that every cell in our body communicates by using a combination of 8 glyconutrients. If a person is missing any of these important glyconutrients, the cells cannot communicate properly. Therefore a growing body of research indicates that glycobiolgy may hold the key to empowering the immune system in its struggle against cancer.

The United States & Australia spend more on healthcare than many other nations on the earth and yet they rank 37th and 32nd respectively in overall health. Despite spending large amounts of money combating sickness the statistics show we are losing the battle with ageing and disease. For example, cancer accounts for nearly one quarter of deaths in the United States exceeded only by heart diseases. It is estimated that about 1.5 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed and over 500 000 deaths from cancer are projected in the United States in 2009. What has gone wrong?

Science has now revealed a causative link between diet and disease. Too much processed, sucrose-laden food combined with a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, plays a primary role in this epidemic. In 2002 the American Medical Association, for the first time in history, began instructing doctors to suggest nutritional supplementation to all patients. Dietary deficiencies has contributed to a 30% decline in the function of the typical person's immune system over the past several decades and this deterioration continues at a rate of nearly 3% per year.

My husband, Richard, through conventional means overcame cancer in 1990 but his doctor warned him the factors which caused the cancer in the first place still remain, diet and stress being two major contributors. She impressed upon him the importance of addressing these issues if he wanted to avoid a recurrence. Now, at the age of 46 he is still going strong having had no recurrences.

Research has shown that glyconutritional supplementation can radically improve the immune system's ability to rid the body of malfunctioning cancerous cells.

You can join the thousands of people who are utilizing these 8 essential saccharides to give the immune system the raw materials that it needs to fight its battle fully armed.

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