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Preventing And Curing Cancer Using The Budwig Diet

The Budwig Diet is one of the best entirely natural ways of beating cancer, but despite its success rate it is still relatively unknown. There are numerous conventional forms of treating cancer in the world today, but the problem is that many of these have unpleasant side effects and can sometimes put the patient through a lot of pain.

The Budwig Diet takes a different approach to the treatment of cancer, and proves that many people can be cured from the devastating disease simply through the food that they eat. It is gradually beginning to gain acceptance as an effective treatment for cancer, and the positive results are proving time after time that it should be seen as a very real alternative to the conventional treatments. Here we will present the main elements of the Budwig Diet so that you too can benefit from its powerful effects.

Dr Budwig

Dr Johanna Budwig was the founder of the Budwig Diet. Born in 1908 and dying in 2003, she lived a long life that was dedicated almost exclusively to research into a cure for cancer. She made such a reputation for herself during her lifetime that she became one of the most eminent cancer researchers in Europe and was nominated for the Nobel Prize on no less than seven occasions.

Discoveries In The Blood

Much of Dr Budwig’s research was into the blood of cancer patients and how it differed from healthy people. Before she discovered the diet, she carried out a huge amount of research into this area to try to find a possible cause, and made a few important discoveries.

The main discoveries that she found through examining the blood of cancer patients were that it contained lower levels Omega 3, and that it also contained a strange yellow substance that was not found in the blood of healthy people.

These discoveries were very important because they indicated to Dr Budwig that diet was the main factor in the development of cancerous cells, and she set about trying to create a diet that could counteract the damaging effects of the cancer before it was too late.

The Diet

After her discoveries with the blood of cancer patients, she began to look into the diets that they were used to eating to see just how they were affecting the patients and how they could be counteracted.

She observed the modern diet and found it to be high in trans fats, which was affecting the electrical charge within the cells of the human body and helping to cause cancer.

This led her to become certain that diet was entirely responsible for the development of all forms of cancer, and she began to work on her own diet that would be able to not only prevent cancer but treat it as well.

She decided that the only way to beat the cancer was to replace all the bad elements of a diet with ingredients that were high in nutrients and essential oils. This would counter the negative effect of the cancerous cells, increase the number of red blood cells and would eventually lead to the body overcoming the cancer within it.

Flaxseed Oil And Quark

After further research, Dr Budwig decided to base her diet on two main ingredients: flaxseed oil and quark. These were to become the foundation of the diet, and other ingredients would also be included on top.

Why flaxseed oil? It has a very high dose of Omega 3, which was one of the essential oils lacking in the blood of cancer patients. It is also good because it is very rare to be intolerant of it, and so it was likely to have fewer problems than other types of Omega 3 foods.

Quark, which is a similar product to cottage cheese, was introduced as the second main ingredient mainly because of its high protein levels. Dr Budwig decided that the two ingredients would complement each other and lead to the most powerful anti-cancer formula.

What You Can And Cannot Eat

The Budwig Diet contains a wide variety of healthy foods on its list which make it easy to vary and provides a number of great recipes to try. All the foods that are allowed on the diet are healthy and tasty, and will aid in the improving process. These include vegetables, fruit juice, raw nuts, green tea, organic red wine, lentils, baking soda, porridge and many others.

However, there are also some foods that should be avoided at all costs. These include meat, anything with hydrogenated oils and most importantly anything with sugar in. Dr Budwig discovered that cancer cells use glucose in order to take their energy and to grow, so by preventing any sugar from getting into the body the cancer cells lose their source of energy and are weakened, meaning they are easier to defeat.

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